Each 2nd Diabetes in middle age is affected: Difficulties in its proper sexuality. An alarming number, I think. And not just men of this particularly sensitive problem: Women with diabetes are complaining about a lack of desire or painful inflammation of the intimate. In men is also the non-existent and, of course, like the famous erectile dysfunction, “blame” for the sudden difficult sexuality. Sex in our society is now an extremely loud and presence issue.

Everyone talks openly about in the magazines we read about nothing else. And in the films chasing a passionate Sexszene the next. From the advertising lieger now I will not even begin…The fact is: This whole talk about it a “solves also often pressure to perform. If the sex in the relationship is not true, the true relationship may not, at least we suggest the media. As diabetics suffer including one in particular, especially because the sexual doldrums has been slow and sparse over the years announced.

Usually it is the combination of organic and psychological reasons. But a lot of diabetics can do to ensure he is despite his illness finds a lustvolles Experience: A good blood sugar is also beneficial to potency, in addition, there are also many drugs, the fatal side effects. This is something you should trust his doctor clarified. If the causes of poor blood flow or the destruction of sensitive nerves in the genital area, which is a diabetic unfortunately, often the case, it may launch an operation to correct the situation, but of course not entirely risk free. But that should only be a last resort, many couples also helps in other ways to a satisfactory pleasure.

And there are many alternatives from the pump to the insulin syringe and of course Viagra, the little helpers are all for the “little friend”. Even the woman should be based on their blood sugar in mind: The often provides for the strong libido or not pronounced. With the inflammation of course you belong to the doctor - but I think in the sense there are also small. I think the psychological factor is also in diabetic sexual problems of the worst. Because this is not so easy, “off”.

These include tact and sensitivity of the partner, out of this crisis, you usually only get together again. That do not feel under pressure - that sounds so simple and so difficult. Especially for men, it is a large, deep problem when it untenured simply no longer work as before. Such problems can not happen overnight because it is much talk and try to play to ease up to go, of course, the sooner lodger in bed was. In addition, there are also numerous Internet exchanges.

Maybe it helps so that even under the “Normalize” out there a lot, with the same concerns have to face.